Sunday Soundtrack.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream - Soma

I think I must have listened to this entire album about 4 times straight through over the past couple of days - the delight of rediscovering beloved records. Siamese Dream is almost too good to be true.

P J Harvey - Uh Huh Her - It's You

Gritty & delicious.

Radio Rats - Into The Night We Slide - ZX Dan

Still hooked on them since coming back from South Africa.

I should be working on essays. Or packing to go home for Christmas tomorrow (!) Or at least doing something productive. Instead I have stayed in bed, peeked out at the frosty grass from my window, drank tea, and read.


ZombieLace said...

Oooooohh under-blankets tea drinking laziness is my favorite state of being :) I absolutely love your music picks, thanks for posting those. Have a great xmas at home!!!

yiqin; said...

love your picks <3

marie hamm. said...

i just want to go on record and say that your header photo is so damn cool; and so if your blog.