Protesters - As Photographed by Peter Hapak for Time.

The Time Person of the Year package for 2011 is dedicated to "The Protester" - I can't recommend the cover story enough. Kurt Andersen's article is amazingly inspiring and humbling - and a very human look at all the unrest that has taken place across the world this year.

The package features an astounding and deeply powerful portfolio of protesters from all over the globe, photographed by Peter Hapak. Each and every image is amazing, but here are four which particularly struck me.

"Ahmed Harara is a Cairo dentist who was blinded in one eye by a rubber bullet during clashes in January. In November, he was shot in his other eye. Now he is completely blind. "As they say in America, power of the people will change everything," Harara says."

"Occupy Oakland protester Andre Little, left. Greek protester Katerina Patrikarakou covers her face in a Maalox mixture to counter the effects of tear gas."

"El Teneen, a prominent Egyptian graffiti artist, wears a homemade gas mask."

"An Egyptian protester, left, holds a spent shell casing found after clashes in Tahrir Square. Right, protester Ahmed Aggour, a.k.a. Psypherize, an Egyptian activist, artist and blogger."

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ZombieLace said...

These images are so powerful. I'm gonna go check out that article.