A Disposable Camera in Cape Town - Street Art & Graffiti.

As anyone who has ever read anything on here will know, I do not own a digital camera, and have to settle for using a webcam, or sneaking shots with friends' cameras.

I brought a couple of disposables to Cape Town.
Here, a brief interlude on how much I love disposable cameras.
With only 27 exposures, you pick your photos more carefully - you can't just delete rubbish ones and make more space. When taking photos of friends, you avoid all the fuss of, "Oh, let me see it, oh it's so ugly, delete it!" Too bad, you can't tell until it's developed. And finally, I really enjoy the feeling of carefully flicking through a fat pile of actual photos - a sad side of the digital camera era is that too few photos are ever printed off.
However, for only £2 extra, I had my pictures put onto discs.

The streets of Cape Town are covered in beautiful, colourful creations. Most of these were taken in and around District 6, where we were staying.

Walking into the city from District 6.

On Buitenkant Street.

Walking into the city through District 6.

District 6 - near the Walmer Estate. View of Table Bay.

District 6.

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ZombieLace said...

I kind of dig the effect of the disposable camera. You're so right about digital cameras lacking in that tactile satisfaction. I always say I can have them printed, but when do I ever get around to it? I feel the same about kindles... I just can't picture giving up page-turning and book-holding!!