Yes, that's apple on the pizza on the left, with blue cheese and walnuts. Hunger/nostalgia.

Architecture & Eats...
Varese, Pizza, Pasticcini, Cioccolata Calda, & a sneak appearance from my Whitby jet ring.

A rather belated photo update from my last trip home over the Christmas holidays, as captured on the iPhone of a dear friend.

On the subject of phones, mine is nearing its eighth birthday (they don't make them like that anymore!) and this felt no more conspicuous than during my recent trip to London, where it seems everyone has an iPhone...
But it does mean I can put up pictures while I wait to get my disposable developed.

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ZombieLace said...

Haha I am trying to join the iphone club, too... Apple and walnuts on PIZZA? YES PLEASE!!!!!!