Jewelry Junkie: Rose Gold & Jet Ring.

(Apologies for my ugly little bitten-down nails. It's a horrible habit I hope to break... I've been trying for years. New Year's Resolution: keep nails painted, as it dissuades me from devouring them).

Remember back in October, when I went to Whitby and wandered around the shops wishing I could afford the wonderful jet jewelry?

What a surprise it was to receive this rose gold & jet ring from my love for Christmas (who had subtly and swiftly purchased it on the same day - after I had been trying on rings and had amused a shop assistant with how small my hands are).

I love jet; it has such an amazing depth to it, and pairs perfectly with rose gold. I always thought I preferred it with silver, but somehow rose gold brings out warm tones in it... And I also enjoy the way this ring looks like an eye.

Whitby jet is actually fossilised monkey-puzzle tree, found in the cliffs and on the moors around the town. It first became popular during the mid 19th century after being favoured by Queen Victoria as a material for mourning jewelry.

This example from here shows how incredibly intricate jet jewelry could be - the interlinked letters on this brooch (c.1850) are highlighted here to show how the pattern actually spells out Victoria.

Next time I visit Whitby, I absolutely want to go to the last remaining Victorian jet workshop in the town.


Sarah said...

Wow, what a beautiful ring! It's do neat to see jet used in jewelry!

yiqin; said...

lovely ring <3

ZombieLace said...

what a sweet and thoughtful love you have :) The ring is gorgeous <3