Oxfam Unwrapped...

... made my gift-giving so much more special this year.

In recent years, I have become extremely opposed to the whole "buying-for-the-sake-of-buying" attitude that sometimes comes along with Christmas.

So this year, alongside small gifts from small businesses (<3 etsy), I gave my loved ones:

Food For A Family
A Health Check
Clean Water For 10 People
Animal Care
and Long life Learning.

We all have so much; so giving a gift that really matters is so important.

Go and take a look for yourselves here.

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ZombieLace said...

Ya know, I feel like such a cornball every year, but when my relatives want to know what to get me, I always want to say "I don't need more stuff, take that $20 and give it to a charity of your choice"... of course I don't say that because I know part of gift-giving is to satisfy the heart of the giver; they want to give something to YOU because they love you. I love this alternative way to give back you've come up with! I will absolutely tack these kinds of things on to my gifts in the future xoxo