Sunday Soundtrack - Valentine's Hearts.

(With apologies for photobooth mirroring).

As someone who regularly voices their dislike of Valentine's day when bearing witness to window displays at this time of year, I was very swiftly seduced by these chocolate hearts in Betty's shop-front.

The ones with the ribbons on are dark chocolate with raspberry ganache; the other is plain milk. You can buy them, among many other delicious treats, here. I look forward to the reaction I'll get from their recipients - so used to my cynical reaction to rampant February 14th consumerism.

As the years go by all I can conclude is that whether you love or hate Valentine's day, it's here to stay.

The Wipers - Window Shop For Love


Andy Santana said...

passei para conhecer o seu blog,
adorei aqui.

ZombieLace said...

Ugh I hate that CHOCOLATE has to be such a huge part of it. I love chocolate, which is the problem. I received buckets of it from my students and woe is me, now I have to eat it... dark chocolate with raspberry sounds pretty darn good though...