Rubbish Art; Tim Noble & Sue Webster.

Real Life Is Rubbish, 2002

White Trash (With Gulls), 1998

I'm both disgusted and fascinated by the work of UK-based pair Tim Noble & Sue Webster, who position piles of junk to create their "shadow art." By recycling rubbish in this manner, they press me to think about the amount we as individuals throw away - and what we discard.

Dark Stuff, 2008

It's the piece above that actually makes me feel scared - the artist's now familiar profiles shown decapitated, and created from various mummified animals. It's at once so skillful, and so saddening and repulsive.
See more of their shadow sculptures here.

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ZombieLace said...

It took me a minute to realize the trash itself was casting the shadows... amazing!!! You're right about the last one being so creepy, it's a cool mix of opposites; a sweet lovers kiss on the wall actually made from dead animals. Weirddd.