Sunday Soundtrack - 1Q84.

Leoš Janáček - Sinfonietta

Ella Fitzgerald - It's Only A Paper Moon

I have spent this very frosty morning immersed in Book III of Haruki Murakami's 1Q84. In the UK, they have tried to imitate the experience of his original Japanese readers by publishing Books I & II together, and Book III in a separate volume (as it was originally released as a surprise, a year after the first two). I was reading Books I & II while I was in South Africa, and during a trip to a rather amazing bookshop, I noticed they hadn't done that there... I think they've published it all as one volume in the US, too. Something a little strange I've noticed is that Books I & II were translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin, and Book III by Philip Gabriel. It seems like an odd decision, but while it's noticeable it isn't necessarily jarring. Either way, my essays contributed to my further breaking up the reading experience - what with working on those, and reading another book, I was excited to start Murakami's Book III.

Regardless, I look forward to reviewing it in its entirety soon; and as anyone who has read it will know, the two pieces of music above feature prominently in the narrative. I am utterly engrossed, and can highly recommend this surreal, slightly sinister and carefully crafted story.


silviasiantar said...

Hi babe!

Chanced upon your blog and enjoyed reading it. So inspirational. Following your blog too. Keep in touch okay.


Sarah said...

Oh, I so can't wait to read this one! I've read a few other murakamis and have always enjoyed them. I wish they'd release it in north America in three volumes, too!