Sir Boast-a-lot.

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A heart-in-your-mouth finale for series two of Sherlock with The Reichenbach Fall.
I really do think so much of the beauty of this programme is its brevity - although the ending clearly left room for another three episodes in the future.

I really don't feel I can write about the episode without slipping up and spoiling it... Especially after my first full day back in class. So I'll let the "Watson blog" speak for me; can I just say, the BBC news presenters must have jumped at the chance to create this.


Sarah said...

Hey Rachel! Sorry to hit you up on your blog, but can you send me your e-mail address? I have a question for you... :) campandquarry at gmail dot com. Thanks!

yiqin; said...

nice <3

Lolo said...

Hah! Love that blog!! Have you watched any of the old Sherlock films from the 40s? Or read the books? If not - do it!! I'm a massive Sherlock nerd! Haha.