How would Lisbeth (and Larsson) feel about her "look"...?

Earlier this week, the Guardian offered a preview of Trish Summerville's upcoming clothing range for Swedish store H&M. She's the costume designer for David Finch's upcoming remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and the clothes will come out on December 14th, a week before the new film is released.

I posted a while back about Noomi Rapace in the original Swedish film (2009, Niels Arden Oplev) - I admired her style, but never would have imagined a clothing line to go along with this remake (which I feel is unnecessary as the original films are so perfect, and Noomi absolutely nailed the complex character of Lisbeth).

I devoured the entire Millennium Trilogy in about a fortnight, and was completely engrossed by it - it was practically all I could talk about. If memory serves, in the second novel Lisbeth actually visits an H&M store and buys a load of clothes; but I can't help but wonder how she would feel about a clothing range inspired by her - and how her creator, had he lived to witness the incredible growth of her fanbase, would feel about this idea.

I suppose I won't rule out seeing Finch's film, or wearing any of Summerville's clothes; but I do think Lisbeth would probably be pretty cynical about the whole idea, and I feel Larsson might find it a bit opportunistic and embarrassing.

And that maybe H&M would suffer some shocks to their IT system.

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