With Love & Grunge.

Reading the Independent's article about how London Fashion Week was disrupted by models having to go to Milan, I was delighted by this picture of dancers from Meadham Kirchoff's show. They're pure 90s babydoll grunge glamour.

Naturally they have named Courtney Love as one of their design heroes. I love the silky textures and clashing pastels, but most of all I love how they bring to mind my favourite Hole album, Live Through This (oh, the irony of fashion week coupled with a crying beauty queen album cover.)

And of course, today is the 20th anniversary of the release of Nevermind, one of the albums that indelibly shaped my musical taste, and, at the risk of sounding cliche/saccharine/"who cares what she thinks, she was only a year old at the time", my taste in general. There has yet to be a genre of music that I identify with as much - everything about it, from the crunchy distorted guitars, to the dry dark vocal delivery, right down to the style (as I write this, I am wearing a snagged/shredded navy blue jumper with a white round-collared shirt, and faded old jeans). While my musical taste has diversified over the years, I think grunge will always have a hold on my heart.

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