"I've seen my darkest days - you gave each one to me."

"This record is of silence, of burials, and the burials that result from that silence. It’s of betrayal, cruelty, weakness, anxiety, panic - deep and slow - despair, injury and loss. And in this it is shamefully honest and resolutely unforgiving.”  - Davey Havok

I am already so excited for the new AFI album coming at the end of October. 

This is a band that keeps growing and changing - as I learn more about life, people, and myself, I consistently find these lessons reflected in Davey Havok's lyrics (which have always been one of the main draws of this band for me). I missed them on their last tour. I won't miss them on this one. 

The latest song is just so bitter. I can't wait to hear more tracks from "Burials." 

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