Product Review: LUSH solid shampoo & conditioner.

Horrible Photobooth picture as per usual, but the paler one with the chammomile flower in is Karma Komba solid shampoo, and the blue-ish one at the back is Jungle solid conditioner. 

I never review products - let alone beauty products - because I have very little sense of authority over such things and because I don't really go in for that kind of promo thing. But I'm so enthusiastic about these that I can't really help myself.

I was always put off going into LUSH shops because they are always really strong smelling, but two things about these products impressed me: the fact that they are vegan, and that they have no packaging whatsoever. They are strongly scented, but smell amazing, and when you use them the smell isn't quite as concentrated - plus, they're basically made with entirely natural ingredients. I subsequently learned that the solid shampoo should last as long as three plastic bottles worth - saving three plastic bottles is pretty sweet! I was a little sceptical that it would lather up as well as I was told, but it's excellent (and did I mention it smells amazing?) The conditioner is a little more tricky because it contains cocoa butter so you need to make sure it's warm before you use it, but that's easy to get around by placing in on the base of the shower while you use your shampoo. Another bonus which comes to mind: they'll be so easy to get around airport security "no liquids" rules. At £2.95 for Jungle and £5.25 for Karma Komba they won't exactly break the bank either.

Animal friendly & environmentally friendly makes these winners for me. I think I'm pretty much a solid shampoo convert. Also, it's probably pretty clear from my (poor quality) photo, but I cut both bars in half - easier to use and your product will last longer. Keep the other half in a resealable (resuseable!) plastic bag til the first lot in the shower runs out.

I now have my eye on these:

Karma solid perfume. That smell. Patchouli, orange oil & pine to be precise.

Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask. I've never used a face mask. I want this one all over my face.

Therapy massage bar. Cocoa butter, lavender, orange, neroli. Yes please. 


Ellie Errant said...


Ellie Errant said...

So after seeing your post i thought these would be really useful for travel: no weight and no leakage! so i went out and got my own solid shampoo and conditioner. they're great! they are currently sitting in my locker at work for after swimming. so thank you!

also, today there was a free spa day thingy and lush had a stall there so we went for a free lush facial. it was AWESOME! we got to make that very face mask you talked about for ourselves! crushing the blueberries was fun! and then the guys there used it on us as well as moisturisers and stuff. my face feels so nice now! :D sooooo soft! so thanks again! :D