To see the world in a grain of sand; Francesca Tosarelli's photographs from Santiago.

These stunning images are from Francesca Tosarelli's Sandgrains project, photographed in Ribeira da Barca, Santiago (Cape Verde). The project depicts the women and men of this small community as they resort to illegally selling the black sand from the nearby volcanic beaches - which is sold to build houses. Tosarelli explains further:

The reasons for this activity are many.
Many of these people have worked all their lives in the traditional and profitable fisheries, many were fishermen, some women were ‘peixere’.
Since a few years the quantity of fish has drastically reduced, the days of good fishing are thinned out. If a few years ago it was common to see fishermen returning daily with abundant catches, now this happens only once a week.
The inhabitants of Ribeira da Barca do not even have more fish for their livelihood, and almost no longer is being marketed.
The community invented a way to survive, at the cost of the destruction of the environment and ecosystem.

See more of this sad and beautiful project, and further projects by Francesca Tosarelli, here. 

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