Sunday Soundtrack - Such Sweet Sorrow & the Sculptures of Fernando Mastrangelo.

I put together this playlist earlier in the week with relationships in mind; some tracks for savouring bittersweet moments.

Yet after events back in Italy this weekend, sorrow doesn't feel sweet at all. It has been senseless, entirely unwarranted, and horribly inescapable.  

The sculpture pictured in the "album art" is in fact made of sugar, and is by Brooklyn-based artist Fernando Mastrangelo. He works in many unusual materials; over on Hi-Fructose, J. L. Schnabel has pinpointed their striking and strange beauty:

Due to the unique nature of the materials, the sculptures take on a feel of fragility, highlighting the themes of destruction and faith.

Untitled (sugar)

This Too Shall Pass (salt)

See more of Mastrangelo's work and read the full piece here. 


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