Goodbye, Maurice Sendak.


10th June 1928 - 8th May 2012.

Where The Wild Things Are will continue to fill my dreams. 



Zombie Lace said...

Oh my gosh, he died?? He was such a fantastic interesting character. Do you by any chance watch the Colbert Report? It's completely American so it makes sense if you don't watch it, but he did a seriously hilarious interview with Maurice Sendak that you might enjoy for some insight into this eccentric soul.

Zombie Lace said...

I don't have replies set up on my blog either! I don't know how to do it, haha.

Here's a link to part of the video:


chelsea said...

I'm going to admit, Where the Wild Things Are totally freaked me out as a young child. I refused to let my mum finish the story after the line about the monsters wanting to eat Max up. With that said, the Pacific Northwest Ballet's version of The Nutcracker was rewritten and designed by Maurice Sendak and it is SO amazing. Darker with less fluff and more plot. Plus, it is just damn beautiful.

Ellie Errant said...