Under this weather such shadows are blossoming; Beili Liu.

Aerophyte #1  

Aerophyte #4

Aerophyte #1 detail

Aerophyte #4 detail 

These Wind Drawings by Chinese-born Texas-based Beili Liu, created with sumi ink on birch panels, have me enraptured. 

I believe an aerophyte is actually a plant which derives life force from the wind & rain. Alongside these images, for some reason I pictured them as some sort of mythological wind spirit.

These beautiful works also brought to mind a song by Patrick Wolf, titled This Weather - the title is taken from the lyrics. 
I feel the song below is also fitting - in terms of sentiment, but even somehow through his movement. His slightly torturous twists seem to echo Liu's  slowly spreading dark ink. 


Ellie Errant said...

ooooh, they're nice :)

n. said...

Oh, Patrick,...