The Climb Continues? Sam Wolfe Connelly.

Thirteen Steps in the Underworld.

A recent Sam Wolfe Connelly piece for an upcoming Su-Yee Lin story, soon to be published on Tor. I look forward to reading it once it's up; this image has certainly sparked my interest.

I love the delicate sense of fear and hesitation shown by the positioning of the figure's hands. And as always, Connelly's sepia tones and shadowy contours. The lighting from below is particularly perfect.

The slight impression of claustrophobia speaks to my apparent inability to get any work done today... The climb that began last week continues, but slowly today, it seems.

What do you do when you feel unproductive? How do you drive away procrastination?

Getting off the damn internet would probably be a good start.


wobblinbetty said...

loving this!

e ti capisco, anche qua a milano è un tempo superdeprimente.... soprattutto perchè fino a l'altro ieri era quasi estate....vabè...sono fiduciosa :)
bacio xxx

ZombieLace said...

Really cool, haunting image. My best advice to driving away procrastination is... don't fight it. Brains need breaks! Frequently! You'll retain much more information and be a happier person if you just treat yourself to a few minutes of pleasurable time-wasting periodically while you work ;)