A Touch Too Much; Le Mani di Fornasetti.

I'm fascinated by this candle by Fornasetti (whose website is a work of art in itself). With top notes of thyme and lavender, a heart of orris and cedarwood, and a base of incense, I can imagine this somehow smelling both rich and fresh. I say imagine, because I've never had the fortune - quite literally - to smell this candle: it retails at £99. Which not only is completely impossible for me, but quite possibly immoral too. Still, like the candle I wished for on Wednesday, it's evidently a luxury item, and looks beautiful. So I can admire it from afar.

What appeals most to me is the design of the ceramic jar the candle comes in - I love these surreal, slightly limp looking hands, and I can't even really say why. I imagine they'd look almost scary when the candle was set alight above their fingertips...
Maybe they appeal because they bring to mind this drawing by M. C. Escher.

What's a creature comfort you would spend a lot on, if you could? I'm really bad at shopping and am not often very interested in expensive things, but this candle has captured my imagination.



I love candles so very much, and these are unique indeed.
have a great weekend.

ZombieLace said...

That is a gorgeous, albeit, expensive candle! It's really more of a work of art. In our fabulous future lives when we are incredibly rich, we can have candles that cost hundreds of dollars ;)