Fairytale Freaks; Nicoletta Ceccoli.

Contrary Mary.


Girl in the Tower.


It seems appropriate, since I'm at home in Italy, to create a post on an Italian artist. Yesterday my sister received a birthday card featuring the final beautiful image from above. Nicoletta Ceccoli has been drifting on and off my radar for a number of weeks; her sweet but surreal images catch onto your subconscious.

Her work reminds me a little of Mark Ryden, also a proponent of pale young girls. However, I feel Ceccoli's creations are somehow more refined than Ryden's. There's a certain delicateness to her drawings that may come from her profession as an illustrator of children's books. But I think there's also something very powerful about her odd little ladies, in spite of their incarceration or impediments; in fact, Girl in the Tower immediately brought to mind one of my favourite paintings by Remedios Varo. There is a fairytale-like dreaminess and softness to these works, but also a slight uneasiness.

See more of Ceccoli's enchanting and eerie works in her online portfolio, where the above images were taken from.

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Fydez said...

Eerie and enchanting indeed, but beautiful. X