Distraction & Focussing on Dreams; Zhou Fan.

Posting has been pretty lax here of late, largely because I have suddenly found myself with a mountain of work to be getting on with... Nonetheless, I'm distracted and don't feel like I'm being productive enough.

These abstract aquatic works by contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Fan speak to my current inability to concentrate. The colours charm me. In the first paining, the figure seems to be delighting in the surreal swirl in the sky, and in the second one, it seems to be surrounding them in a stressful and claustrophobic crush of colour...

In his statement, the artist summarises my feelings in a rather succinct manner:

Somehow I feel that it is easier to focus on dreams than reality.

How do you balance being inspired with getting distracted?
What ways do you have for managing your time well?
What do you do to wind down after working all day?

See more of Zhou Fan's work on his online portfolio (where the above images are from).

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ZombieLace said...

Wow those are incredible. It makes me want to see more.