Camels - The End of the Christmas Holidays.

On the 6th of January in the area of Italy where I grew up, people traditionally eat puff pastry camels - to celebrate the Epiphany.

Some of them are much larger and more elaborate than these, stuffed with cream or candied fruits or chocolate. These ones, which I picked up from my local pasticceria, are coated in caramelised sugar and jam.

They look delicious, but represent a definitive end to my Christmas holidays - tomorrow I head back to the UK, to hand in my dreaded term papers and begin semester two.


yiqin; said...

looks yummy <3

ZombieLace said...

Hahaha now that is a tradition I have never heard of! But I like it. I like any tradition involving pastries, especially ones shaped like animals. Good luck with your term papers!! I know you'll do great <3