Soaked to the Skin.

Walking home this afternoon I was caught in a freezing downpour.

A change of clothes and a cup of tea later, sat at my desk looking out of the window, these photos I took a few years ago came to mind.

These macro shots were taken on a similarly gloomy November afternoon, back at home in Italy. Being stuck inside because of the bad weather, I was lying on my bedroom carpet playing with the settings on my camera, and ended up with this pair of photos. I like the layers to them; the stark skeleton of the wintery trees behind the rain-spattered glass.

What an "English" post this is - the British being so famed for their endless ability to discuss the weather.

Looking out at the dank, dark afternoon, it's hard to imagine that tomorrow night I'll be headed for Cape Town, where it's currently summer, for a fortnight of fieldwork.
Wishing everyone a good couple of weeks, and hoping that the weather doesn't worsen too quickly. I'm going to try and pack, to the peaceful notes of Bert Jansch.

Bert Jansch - Rosemary Lane - Tell Me What is True Love


Jerome C. said...

Inpiring photos, i like how you take photos dear!

Happy weekend dear!


Larissa Blintz said...

I really liked these two photos! It was raining here a few days ago. Hope you have a great weekend girly ;)

Anonymous said...

Such pretty pictures :) I'm following :)
leopardinleater.blogspot.com xx

yiqin; said...

nice vid <3

wobblinbetty said...

at home in italy? where are you from?? I am from Milan! :)
great shots btw

ZombieLace said...

The photos, and the words that go with them, are beautiful. I didn't know you were from Italy! So is English your second language?

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

so cute immages!!!

Vivid Virginia said...

So inspiring. You are great dear :)

White Honeyr