My, What Big Teeth You Have; Morwenna Catt.

Phrenology II: Wolf (Big Enough To Eat You)

Phrenology II: Red Riding Hood (Small Enough To Be Eaten)

These creations by Morwenna Catt are so striking and visceral.
Just looking at them, you can appreciate their labour-intensity: they're so intricate and imaginative, and achieve the perfect balance between beauty and barbarity.
I found this fairytale pair to be particularly captivating. They immediately brought to mind one of my favourite Angela Carter collections, The Bloody Chamber, which features a fantastic reworking of the Red Riding Hood tale.
Such skilled and spooky stitching.


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Wow, I've never seen anything like these. I want one. Or two.

strawberry freckleface

Cookie said...

it is quite scary!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

Ellen H said...

These look amazing, very Tim Burton. Great photos!


ZombieLace said...

You're so sweet, thanks for the compliment about my blog. This art is cool but... creepy :)

Morwenna Catt said...

Thank you for featuring some of my creations and for your insightful comments.


The Beetroot Tree said...

I'm very happy to say that we currently have Morwennas work on show in our "4Leg Good, 2 Bad [6 ok?] exhibition (21st April - 9th June). If you want to see this piece, and more in the flesh, The Beetroot Tree Gallery is in Draycott, Derbyshire and is free to visit. Stevie, of the beetroot clan!