Jewelry Junkie: Et Respice Finem.

What a lovely parcel I picked up yesterday - containing the Blood Moon - Raw Garnet Necklace by Et Respice Finem. Isn't the postcard awesome? I wanted to find out more about the short story it advertises, but for now Mona Brandon and her honour remain a mystery.

But back to the jewel. Being a January baby, garnet is my birth stone. It's supposed to be a balancing gem, sharpening self-perception and opening the heart; as this necklace's listing says, it's meant to activate and strengthen the survival instinct, bring courage and hope, and cleanse and re-energise. I've also read a lot about it being a stone to protect the wearer when traveling.
But all that aside, doesn't it just look delicious? The chunk of garnet is just so gorgeous and catches the light in wonderful ways. It goes from a rusty blood colour, to an almost edible-looking raspberry. I love it.

The silver chain is a lovely length - there's no clasp, so it can just be strung straight over your head. I can imagine this being a good necklace for layering, although I adore it on its own. I'm currently going through a bit of a raw crystal phase, it seems - I just love the way they look. Pretty and prickly at the same time. Lauren Holmes' nuclear winter range is replete with raw crystal loveliness. I've got my eye on the Smoky Sky - Labradorite & Leather Bracelet. Pick your own favourite over at the Et Respice Finem shop on etsy (pssst: use the code "fallout" to get a 15% discount).

Bit blurry. I just liked the leaves. Autumn colours are in full swing here, although I feel we're starting to slip into winter. I'd like to think my love & I are getting slightly better at wielding his camera. If I actually took the time to look over all the settings, and we spent more than 5 minutes taking pictures for a post, maybe they'd look better...

Meanwhile, take a look at some awesome photography and the inspiration behind Et Respice Finem over on Lauren's blog, here.


Jerome C. said...

love that necklace my dear <3

Lolo said...

Aww you are too sweet! :D
Super glad you're enjoying the necklace. I lost my stickers that I use to seal the little envelope the necklace was in - I was kinda bummed about that!

Rachel Louisa. said...

I'm wearing it with everything!
Still thought the package was cute, stickers or no stickers :)