Jewelry Junkie: Dear Oh Deer's Wonderful Wish Bracelets.

(Work edging in on pleasure in the corner there...)

Dodgy webcam photos will have to be excused while I struggle to contain my excitement - look at all this beautifulness that was waiting for me when I got in today!

On Sunday morning I ordered this pretty pair from the lovely Dianne over at Dear Oh Deer, and they already made it up here lightening fast from London, wonderfully wrapped (with a sweet surprise chunk of rose quartz, too).

Before you think I'm just greedy, the Pink & White with Botswana Agate one is a Christmas present for my little sister; I can't wait to share the work of one my favourite etsy sellers with her. However, the Lavender & White with Bostwana Agate will remain round my own wrist for the foreseeable future.

I cannot overstate how lovely these little bracelets are. They're made with vintage Chadwicks wool from the 1930s, and are supremely soft and delicate - the care and skill that's gone into making them is unmistakable. The fact that they're made of wool means that one size really does fit all - so even though I have stupidly small wrists, all I had to do was loop the catch into a lose knot to have it fit perfectly. The stones are so glossy and gorgeous, and the tiny silver shooting stars just set the whole thing off.

For a better look than my PhotoBooth pictures can offer, here are Dianne's own photos of the wish bracelets, from their listings on etsy.

Pink & White with Bostwana Agate Wish Bracelet

Lavender & White with Bostwana Agate Wish Bracelet

Just look at all that delicate detail! I have no doubt many etsians will be wishing for wish bracelets this Christmas.

Getting your Christmas gifts from etsy is awesome - you know you're giving someone you care about something really unique.
Do take a look at Dianne's delightful blog for inspiration behind Dear Oh Deer, and head over to the shop to choose your favourite from all the pretties on offer. Or, if you're lucky enough to live near London, you can visit the Dear oh Deer stall at The Wonderhill Market next weekend. Get a gift for someone special... Or yourself.


dianne tanner // icefloe said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm so happy you love them Rachel, can't wait to hear what your sister thinks. You know I had never thought of the tying a knot to make it fit better theory, you are a genius. Hurrah! xx

yiqin; said...

omg nice <3

wobblinbetty said...

wow, looks great!!

Rachel Louisa. said...

Dianne, of course I'll let you know what she thinks - and the tying the knot thing was very much a necessity for me cause my wrists are so stupidly little! A serious plus side of bracelets made from wool. Hurrah indeed, thank you so much for making such lovely things xx