Halfway to a Hundred; some musings on blogging.

Here I am, at my 50th post on this humble blog.

I thought I'd take a moment to overcome my ambivalence about the internet, and think about why I "came back" to blogging. I made this blogger account in 2007 - and am unashamed to say it was entirely with the purpose of writing to Jade Puget from AFI to tell him how much their Milan concert in May of that year meant to me... Oh, my, to be 17 again (as a short aside, AFI still have a hold on my heart).
So, I came to blogger through music, and then swiftly forgot I had even created this account.

I only rediscovered it when, while listening to Pentagram and reading about the band, I stumbled across the blog of lead singer Bobby Liebling's wife, Hallie Liebling: Halcoholic. I swiftly became addicted, and through Hallie's awesome stylings, I discovered J. L. Schnabel's Bloodmilk Jewelry, and subsequently the amazing etsy. These were the two blogs that "opened up" blogging to me, so to speak - sending me in the direction of so much creativity. So, in a sense, I "came back" to blogger through music, too.

I can often become rather cynical about the internet - and especially social networking - for all the narcissism and and egotism it can engender. However, over the past few months I've come to discover a much more appealing side of it - as a place where people share their artistic output and inspirations, and as a space for positivity rather than put-downs, and sharing of inspirations rather than "oversharing."

To a certain extent, this blog hasn't progressed much since my first post - I'm still treating it as "a place to collect the things that make me think." It doesn't really have a specific direction and doesn't fall under any particular category, but nonetheless, it has grown.

I think I will close this (hopefully not too incoherent) ramble with the bands that indirectly brought me here, and then back again.

AFI - The Art of Drowning - Wester

Pentagram - Relentless - Sinister


Jerome C. said...

glad you like the pictures on florence, street style here is pretty interesting. Well i like your blog too <3


ZombieLace said...

I really liked this post. I am glad you are able to come back to blogging with that positive outlook on it! That's how I like to think of it too ;) PS. I like that Halcoholic blog!

Rachel Louisa. said...

Halcoholic is one of my favourite blogs out there - like I say, one of the main reasons I was inspired to actually use this blog! ;)