The Conjurer - Bloodmilk Jewelry as captured by Christina Brown.

Yesterday was the long-awaited launch of Bloodmilk Jewelry's lookbook, photographed by Christina Brown - and my, was it ever worth the wait.

J.L. Schnabel's jewels move me in ways I struggle to find words for; I treasure my two Bloodmilk pieces and feel a special tug inside whenever I glance down at them hovering over my heart. Her work is wearable art - so much more than mere adornment. Similarly, her amazing blog is an absolute wealth of wonderment-inspiring images & sounds.

It was a serious struggle to select my favourite images - I have scrolled through it several times now, slowly savoring it. It appeals to me on every level. I find the pages with words to be particularly poignant.

I watch the moon. Her gaze rippling in ribbons over a night sea. We stand at the cusp where dark water meets dark earth. I long to pull you away from this terrible edge, but instead, you wade in inch by inch. I do not follow.

I find your body next to mine in the darkness. I press my wrist to yours, to find that strange pulse that lingers beneath your skin. You do not wake. Not ever.

Download the entire lookbook from the new Bloodmilk website here, as well as a stirring S4NtA_Mu3rTE mixtape to accompany your perusal of Christina Brown's beautiful photography.

I would also urge a reading of this illuminating interview with J.L.Schnabel, over on Ghosts in the Garden.


Snow Black said...

Even the name Bloodmilk is cool :)

Sarah said...

Wow, I love these photos. They are so amazing and really fit this jewelry, too. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Rachel Louisa. said...

Everything about Bloodmilk is amazing - and I agree, the photos are perfectly suited to the jewels. Just so much atmosphere!

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