Shadow Sisters.

This beautiful papercut print by Mon Petit Fantome was waiting for me when I got home this evening - in time for Halloween, although I know I will enjoy it all year round. So delicate and delightfully dark.

Now I must seek out a frame to do these Shadow Sisters justice; and hopefully acquire some companions for them - it's so hard to pick, but at the moment I especially love Now My Dears, Time To Learn Levitation and Where Do They Bury Witches, as well as Our Nighttime Escape, to name only a few...
Essentially, I love them all. The skill involved in crafting them is evident, and they are so evocative - magical and macabre at the same time. These qualities, combined with the black & white colour scheme, coincidentally cohere beautifully with my current bedtime reading - Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus - which I can't wait to praise in a later post.

Meanwhile, enjoy the inspirations of the man behind Mon Petit Fantome, Chad Merritt, on his blog, here.

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