Jewelry Junkie: Sadie Designs & Dear oh Deer.

I recently received two delightful little parcels of jewels through the post: one came all the way from Canada, the other from not so distant London.

The picture quality will have to be excused, as my love and I are still learning to use his camera, and are generally rather technologically impaired. This, coupled with the fact that I never know what to do with myself when put in front of a camera and am not overly enthused about showing my face... I wish I could do these jewels justice. Well, enough excuses.

Black Tourmaline & Clear Quartz Crystal Point Ice Silver Necklace by Sadie Designs. I have been wishing for this for a while, and I cannot exaggerate how amazing this necklace is: the raw crystals are so beautifully flawed, and the contrast between the two minerals is really striking. They are silver dipped, which is really special because it means you can still admire the shape of the entire crystal. The little dagger of quartz catches the light in lovely ways, and the tourmaline is so glossy, its underside cut through with a pinkish sandy shimmer. An amazing combination, and naturally unique. While I especially love her mixed mineral creations (hoping my next purchase will be the pyrite and rose quartz necklace) there's such an array of lovely stones to choose from. Follow Sarah's blog here to learn more about the inspiration behind her one-of-a-kind creations.

Amethyst & Leather - Head or Wrist Band by Dear oh Deer. This is just perfect - the suede is so soft, and the little stones are so sweet. The colours are stunning, and the stones are so carefully sewn onto the band. A beautifully unique and versatile piece of jewelry. I spent most of yesterday with this on my wrist rather than my head, but sadly every picture came out blurry. I'll hopefully show how that looks soon, but I have to say that it feels great wearing this across the forehead, and it would complete any concert-going attire (I have no doubt I'll be wearing it this way at my next one). My love stated that it made me look like the lead singer of Diamond Head. I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Now all I need is a shirt like his.

Back on the subject of Dear oh Deer; Dianne uses a beautiful selection of semi-precious stones, as well as carefully chosen and ethically sourced feathers (now I'm craving the magpie feather one). Enjoy perusing her inspirations on her blog, here.

How could anyone not be delighted with such a gorgeous little parcel landing on their doormat? I couldn't resist photographing this - the tissue paper is especially wonderful. Made me smile as I have recently acquired a toile tote bag and duvet cover over the past couple of weeks. I love it.

I attempted to photograph the equally lovely package that arrived from Canada, but the camera utterly failed me, which I'm rather sad about. Beautiful tissue paper held together with pink & grey tape, a little floral patterned paper bag, a brown paper logo tied across with red and white string, and my personal favourite element, a little paper frog. Fingers crossed I'll get better with the camera soon, and show how lovely it was.

Etsy is an absolute treasure trove for jewelry. Both Sadie Designs and Dear oh Deer are such friendly sellers. I was never that interested in it before I was introduced to etsy, but I really think it's awesome to support small female-run businesses, and so special to wear a little work of art that someone has spent time creating for you.


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Sweet post! x hivenn

yiqin; said...

i <3 etsy too.

yiqin; said...

i <3 etsy too.

dianne tanner said...

OH I did a squeal at this, I am such a huge Sadie fan and you have matched Sadie and Dear Oh Deer so perfectly! So much love. You are definitly my new BFF.


Rachel Louisa. said...

Sadie & Dear oh Deer go together wonderfully - I'm really happy you think so too and that you were pleased with this post! Such sweetness from such a skilled jewel-maker!
Hoping my collection of Dear oh Deer delights can grow soon.